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Magical Making Up

Magic of Making Up

“Who Else Wants to Make Up?”

Hand with RoseThe issue about fighting is – is the other person ridiculing you or making you feel bad about yourself? Being mean or worse, being violent or threatening violence? That’s completely different from disagreeing over a specific topic. Making Up can happen, with the right approach.Own your own feelings and behaviors and expect your partner to do the same.But, even with the best of intentions, we are human. Arguments happen. People feel bad about what they said and what the other person said to them.

Magic of Making Up Book

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Ask yourself if the relationship is fundamentally damaged, not just the momentary upsetting situation. If the relationship is basically strong and healthy, you can work things out. It is worth it.

Each one of you needs to take a step towards the other, but don’t play games about this. Clear the air after you both calm down. Talk about how you felt and how you feel now. Trust the other person to care about you and your well-being. If they don’t, it is time to move on. You can do this…

But, if you know that you can and want to make up, learn the step-by-step approach to putting the whole relationship on better footing…

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The Magic of Making Up

The Magic of Making Up

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